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All of the Flavors: Choosing the Right Sex Toy for You

Posted on March 19 2016

girl holding stone dildoGuest Blogger

Choosing the right sex toy can sometimes feel like a menu full of strange dishes where you recognize little and you’re salivating wildly. Other times it might be like tasting something you weren’t aware you’d been craving all along. Vanilla sex can be amazing and fulfilling, and the desire to play with toys doesn’t at all negate that. Vanilla is a complex and potent flavor, but sometimes you want to explore different flavors! There are lots of logistical and personal questions to consider when getting a new sex toy, but it’s all in the name of good, clean, dirty fun.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when looking for a sex toy. Why are you looking for sex toys? New excitement in solo play? Something to create an environment, or to accentuate the physical experience? Something in preparation of achieving greater depths, perhaps? Let’s be real—there are some sensations that can be created by toys that cannot be created by the human body. In other cases, the longevity of sensation without tiring is quite attractive.

Primrose Path Boutique has a deliciously broad variety of sex toys which can be used to create your own specific sexy experiences. I was honestly surprised by how affordable many of the toys are, given the high quality of materials. Here are my thoughts on some of the toys offered by Primrose Path Boutique.

While it’s good to have a personal collection, purchasing a toy with a partner can be really hot. Especially when it comes to introducing restraint or BDSM play, make sure that the conversation is explicit and preemptive. While it can be fun to surprise a partner with a new toy, I often find it hotter to choose something together, especially when delving into uncharted sexual territories. To me, conversations about consent, and talking through the nuances of each other’s fantasies, is the hottest form of foreplay. Especially when exploring new flavors, make sure you accurately convey the sensations you’re interested in experiencing and creating.

In my personal play, I have found incredible depths of freedom when being physically restrained. Blindfolding a partner can put more of their focus on other sensations they’re experiencing. A bondage set like LELO’s Adore Me Kit can create a truly sexy aesthetic, and provide opportunities to talk through the ways different components can be used prior to getting it on.

Make sure to look at the materials the toys are made with. These toys will be on—and in—your most intimate of spaces. Invest in high-grade materials, such as silicone, metal, stone, and glass. Think about the variety of ways you’d like to play: if you like playing in water, be sure to get something waterproof!

Are you looking for external or internal vibration? While some toys can be used many ways, others create a very specific sensation. What’s nice about a discrete vibrator is that it can be worn in more semi-private or even public situations.

There are many ways to play with vibration, either through external stimulation or internal. The silver bullet (aka the Bettie Paige Buzzin Bullet) is a small, compact vibration device that can be used externally. Other exciting small vibrators include Minna Life’s Limon, LELO’S Insignia Alia, and for women, Dame Product’s Eva looks super fun for wearable vibrators. Toys like this can bring play to a whole new variety of environments.

The classic vibrator is the Magic Wand. This piece is a treat because there are an endless variety of add-ons which can be attached to create very different sexual experiences, all with one vibrator! While the Vibratex rechargeable offers greater range of freedom of where and when to enjoy it, the corded Lovehoney Magic Wand won’t ever run out of juice before you do!

What I like about a lot of the vibrators offered by Primrose Path Boutique is they have good handles! A good handle can make all the difference when trying to create the right rhythms in play. The Fun Factory Tiger G5 looks super well made and versatile.

For P & G spots, gently curved toys generally achieve stimulation of these interior zones. If these have different settings, pay attention to where the control buttons are located! Fun Factory’s Tiger G5 again seems to have it all figured out in this regard, with a gently curving shaft, a handle, and the control buttons are easy to access. Bravi, Fun Factory.

When it comes to dildos, in their purest form, dillies do not vibrate. Because of this, they can be made in all sorts of long-lasting materials, such as glass, metal, or stone, in addition to silicone. While many are smooth, dillies with nubs or ridges can create all sorts of sensations, especially when used in anal play. Some, like the Share Double Dil, are meant to be worn internally by one person to penetrate the other.

This is just a first taste of the different sexy flavors Primrose Path Boutique can help you explore. Make sure to also buy lube and cleaning agents for your new treasures, so that they can continue to be a part of your play for years to come!

Photo credit: Ciao Bella Boudoir

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