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Posted on February 24 2020

Tessa Primrose PhotoThe New Year is often a time for reflection, planning, and growth. As I look back not only over the past year but since my first inspiration to open a sex toy company arose, a lot has changed. Initially, I hoped to open a brick and mortar storefront with a space for events. I quickly learned the harsh reality that antiquated laws prohibit adult businesses from operating in prime locations, banks don’t easily provide loans for start-ups, and the list goes on and on.

Fun fact: My original two ideas for business names were Shift (because that’s what I wanted to do, shift perceptions of the industry) and Avec Amour (because I think French is sexy). The Primrose Path was a term Shakespeare used in several works to describe a life of hedonism. Primroses are also a type of flower and I liked the dichotomy of something so dainty and beautiful crossed with excess and pleasure.

My background is in marketing and web design so shifting gears to the e-commerce store obviously made sense. What I didn’t realize at the time was how much censorship remains online today and how difficult advertising would prove to be. There’s no such thing as simply throwing money behind a social media boost and getting exposure when you operate an adult business. Even if the post doesn’t contain any prohibited words or imagery, simply having a link to a website that does in the profile is reason for rejection. With that said, we’re going to keep doing our thing and also advocating for change of policy.

So, what’s next? We’re going to continue to provide quality products and trying to destigmatize pleasure for all. We’re in the midst of planning parties and pop-ups for 2020 and will be announcing more soon. If you or someone you know is interested in collaborating, we love talking to like-minded individuals. Stay tuned for what’s to come but for now we’re rolling with the punches and spreading orgasms one vibrator at a time. 

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