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The primrose path

Coined by Shakespeare in his 1602 production of Hamlet, the primrose path alludes to a route of luxury and dissipation. Essentially, the primrose path is the most pleasurable way of life.

Our purpose

Primrose Path Boutique provides quality sex products for all genders, sexual orientations, and identities. In addition to our online store and pop-up shops, we offer private parties in the Nashville, Tennessee.

All of our products have been hand-selected to ensure quality, endurance, and satisfaction. Each toy is made with body-safe materials and chosen with aesthetic appeal in mind. We hope you find something that inspires you, piques your curiosity, or expands your sexual horizons.

About the owner

Over the years, I’ve delved into numerous interests – working at a travel club, building a successful design agency, studying photography, reading every book I could – seeking that something “that made me feel something.” After endless soul-searching, I finally had my “Aha!” moment in the summer of 2014 while I was living Buffalo, New York.

One night, I found myself awake thinking of how much my city has grown, yet how many needs were still going unfulfilled. Although there are a number of adult establishments in the area, none have provided me with a satiating experience – an experience that is appealing, enlightening, and enjoyable. I wanted a store that would celebrate, encourage, and discuss sexuality, not just sell it. It was then that I realized a passion that would be more than just ‘work’ to me.

I wanted to open an upscale, sex-positive toy store. I envisioned an outlet that was sexy and educational – a store that promoted sexual exploration and acceptance. I started reading books on sexuality, and began talking about my ideas with anyone willing to discuss them with me. I knew that I had found what I was meant to do, and have been working towards this passion ever since. I’ve been overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I’ve experienced in this new chapter of my life.

Now I live and (mostly) work in Nashville where there's a vibrant art scene and accepting folks who have been open to collaboration. I'm excited to ramp up live events again and hope to see you all at the next pop-up!

Exploring sexuality

I’ve recently uncovered new levels of excitement, pleasure, release, and fulfillment that I never knew I was capable of. Through immersing myself in books, blogs, and self-exploration, I’ve learned countless things about myself, my body, and our human desires – i.e., new sexual activities, how to deal with insecurities and approach new things, benefits of a fulfilling sex life, and so much more.

By sharing my insights with others, I hope to encourage them to openly discuss and explore new sexual practices – which are keys to a satisfying sex life.

Social acceptance

We have come a long way in becoming more open-minded when it comes to sex. Finally, supporters of gay marriage are now the majority. Recently, the transgender community has received more mainstream acknowledgement and support. Whatever your sexual preferences or desires are, I encourage you to embrace them. Whether it’s with a partner or yourself, learn about your body and what you’re capable of experiencing.

On my journey, I’ve become more open-minded, explored new things, and spoken with others about their experiences and fantasies. My goal is to take the stigma out of the topic of sex and what some may consider to be alternative practices. It’s time to communicate our desires with our partner(s), embrace the wonders of our bodies, and enjoy the pleasures we are capable of.

- Tessa

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