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Sexy Tips for Valentine's Day Date Night

Posted on January 31 2021

Hot Oil Massage Candle in Bedroom

Flowers and chocolate are nice. 
But you better bring a bottle of wine and sex toy, too.

Make the Tease a Part of the Fun

✨ Playbook for a Magical Night ✨

1. Write it down.
Leave your partner a note to find when they're not expecting it.
Tip: Make sure they'll see it at an appropriate time.

2. Send a sext.
It doesn't have to be a nude, a sexy look or peak can still rev things up. Talking dirty can also be uber fun just make sure your partner is on the same page.
Tip: Be specific. Adding details helps paint the picture and can be a real turn on.

3. Plan accordingly.
Spontaneity is something for another day. Make sure you're mentally and physically prepared to enjoy sex.
Tip: Get a babysitter, tell your roommate to get lost, wash the sheets.

4. Start foreplay early.
Get those sensual touches going well before the action.  Like, hours before.
Tip: Don't overlook the basics. Play footsie under the table, get a good butt grab in.

5. Take your time.
Take a shower together. Give each other a massage. Play around and enjoy.
Tip: Be okay with taking a break. If it's a long or intense session, pausing to grab a drink or snack is perfectly normal. Don't assume your partner has lost interest.

6. Don't neglect aftercare.
Especially if you've pushed boundaries, make sure you check in with your partner.
Tip: Tough emotions can come up. Listen. You don't have to understand or have all the answers, just be supportive.

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