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The Allure of Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Posted on October 01 2023

woman holding njoy wandThe reaction I often get when showing someone a stainless steel sex toy is a combination of shock, excitement, and intimidation. That's an understandable response but with a little education, their perspective often shifts. Here's a breakdown of why stainless steel can be an incredible choice as a material for sex toys.

Luxurious Look and Feel
There's something powerful about even holding a stainless steel toy.
The substantial weight.
The silky smooth feel.
The elegant appearance.
After experiencing it as a tool for pleasure, you can appreciate these qualities even more.

Further enhancing the sensory delight is the material's ability to retain both heat and cold, opening doors to explorative temperature play.

Warming SystemTip: To chill a stainless steel toy, simply put in the fridge or an ice bath. To warm, heat a wet towel (first) then wrap around it. Level up by adding WARM Warming System to your collection. This stunning vegan leather pouch is made just for the job with battery operated and rechargeable component. 

How It Compares to Silicone
Stainless steel can provide more firm pressure than silicone toys. This sensation can be leveraged (or backed off on) based on your personal preference. 

There's less friction, which means smoother insertion. Especially with a little lube, the glide is a key reason why many love this material.

Speaking of Lube
One of the advantages of opting for stainless steel toys is their compatibility with all types of lubricants, be it water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based. This compatibility means you can experiment and find the perfect concoction to suit your preferences, allowing for a slippery, slidey, and downright sensational experience without any worry of damaging your precious toy.

Insight: Some of our best selling lubes are Dame Products Aloe Lube and Coconu water-based organic Lube (also available in Oil-Based version). If you're looking for a silicone based-lube, Migliori is premium brand packed full of vitamins A, B6, D3, and E.

Is It Body Safe?
Absolutely! Their non-porous nature prevents bacterial growth, offering a hygienic experience with each use. This hypoallergenic material is a boon for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Use your favorite toy cleaner like La Nua Foaming Toy Cleaner or wash in warm soapy water using a mild, unscented soap. 

njoy stand
Durable and Timeless Elegance

Their high-quality build promises years of pleasure, making them a cost-effective and reliable choice for those looking to invest in a long-lasting addition to their intimate toy collection.

Best Stainless Steel Toys

Our favorite brand for stainless steel toys in njoy. The Pure Wand is curved for G-spot/P-spot stimulation. The Fun Wand is lighter weight option with 2-sides (one being beaded). Pure Plug comes in three sizes and the Pfun Plug is ergonomically designed to target the prostate. If you're ready to go BIG, the njoy Eleven is massive and beautiful (and comes with a $400 price tag). It measures over 11" long, 2" in diameter, and weighs 2.75 pounds! 

Embrace the revolution and redefine your pleasure narrative with the sleek and sensual offerings of stainless steel toys. Remember to maintain open communication with your partner and establish consent when introducing new elements to your intimate experiences. Happy exploring!

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