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That Toy is Made From What?!

Posted on July 29 2015

Understanding what your sex toys are made of is important. You use these products both on and in your body – but how often have you thought about what they’re actually made of? When I first began exploring different toys, I was concerned with appearance and potential results. Considering whether a material was body-safe didn't cross my mind. Of course it was, right? (Maybe not.) The more I learn about products, the more I feel the need to share what I’ve gained with others. This way, you can make better-educated decisions about what you’re purchasing and using on your or your partner’s body.

Jelly Rubber Toys

Many "novelty" toys are made from jelly-like rubber and contain phthalates – a family of chemicals that are often used to increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl products. Some studies have shown that phthalates disrupt hormones and can have other adverse affects on the body. Although these toys might feel great, they may do you more harm than good. I encourage you to read more about phthalates on The Breast Cancer Fund website or do your own research before purchasing phthalate products.

P.S. – Primrose Path Boutique only carries products that are phthalate-free!

Silicone Toys

While silicone toys generally cost more than their plastic or jelly counterparts, they are well worth the price tag. Silicone has a soft, silky finish that feels wonderful to the touch, has ample flexibility, and transmits vibrations very well. Silicone is also non-porous, and can also be fully sterilized if cleaned properly. Silicone is considered to be a body-safe material and has many redeeming qualities, making it a highly recommended sex toy material.

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Glass Toys

Not only are glass toys used as blissful sources of pleasure, many are also visually stunning. If you enjoy firm pressure, a glass toy is a must-have. They are an especially great choice for G-spot stimulation and temperature play. Glass can also easily be sanitized.

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Wood Toys

While some may consider wood to be a strange material for sex toys, many people swear by it. Available in a variety wood types, wood toys are coated to ensure they’re body-safe. On top of that, wood is a sustainable material, offers a distinct uniqueness, and can last a lifetime. Many wooden toys are also aesthetically appealing, and can even be considered sculptures of art! NobEssenne is considered one of the most trusted brands of wooden toys.

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Metal Toys

For those who have never experienced metal toys, they may not seem like the most comfortable choice. However, the ultra-smooth surface (with ample amount of lube) can provide an enjoyable glide that’s delightfully sleek. The firmness is also great to G- and P-spot exploration. Easy to clean and completely sanitize, metal toys make great tools for the bedroom (or wherever you play!).

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Stone Toys

While stone may seem like an odd material for sex toys, it has a long-standing history for pleasure. In addition to beautiful phallic sculptures, archaeologists have uncovered utilitarian phallic stones that date back to prehistoric times. Today's stone toys are undoubtedly more refined to be more body-safe and target specific erogenous areas. Because of their firmness, stone toys are wonderful for G- and P-spot stimulation and make great sex toy choices.

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